Random Facts

Random Facts is an iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile application and contains a database of hundreds of bizarre and interesting facts. Just tap on “Random Fact!” and you’ll be presented one randomly.

Random Facts for Android phone is available here.

Random Facts contains a database of hundreds of bizarre and interesting facts.
Random Facts on Windows Mobile phone

Did you know karaoke means “buy this app” in Japanese?

That’s not true, but with this app you’ll learn what karaoke really translates too.
For less than a dollar Random Facts will provide entertainment for you and your friends for hours.

This microapp is available for iPod and iPhone on iTunes AppStore. MS Mobile platform is sold at Microsoft’s Marketplace, Android version is at Google’s Android Market.

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RandomFacts for Windows Mobile phones requires Microsoft .NETCF 3.5 or later to run. If you have downloaded Windows Mobile version of RandomFacts from other sources than Microsoft Marketplace, you may run into a version check error if only NETCF 2.0 is installed on your device.

NET CF 3.5 and NET CF 2.0 will both play nicely together installed on the same device. We suggest the following steps:

1. Let’s first verify the version of the Compact Framework that is on your device. Open the file explorer and navigate to the Windows folder. Run CGACUTIL.EXE. It shows that only the 2.0 framework is installed (or 1.0 on a Windows Mobile 5 device). You will need to install the latest framework.

2. Download and install Microsoft NETCF 3.5 CAB (to device memory). You may download it to your PC or directly to your phone from our site.

3. Copy this file to the phone’s file system, and then open it using the device’s file explorer to install it.

4. After installing it, run \Windows\CGACUTIL.EXE again. It will report that you have the 3.5 framework installed.

It does chew up memory, but the speed and application availability will be worth it. Download NETCF 3.5 CAB

Random Facts iPhone Application

Random Facts microapp for iPhone. Download it from iTunes
Random Facts on iPhone

The first version of this application for iPhone was developed by 16 year old Adam Debreczeni of CrossWireStudio in 2008.

Adam Debreczeni is the founder of CrossWireStudio and co-host of TechToday. He also develops iPhone applications in his free time.

Check it out now on AppStore.