Rescue Me! iPhone Application Support

RescueMe Now is one of the most popular free iPhone applications with more than 25,000 users. Parents, friends and children can live in a little bit more secure environment. If you’re in a tight spot or emergency just press “Rescue Me!” and this application will send your geo location to your Twitter followers, and Facebook friends, and to any email accounts you set, as well as to mobile phones with SMS sending and Push Notification capabilities.

The alarm will come in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates, a map link, and a help message, which you can set, to ensure you can be found. It even works with iPod Touch and iPad where phone functions are not, but WiFi or 3G data access is still available. It helps you send your exact GPS location and a google map link without misspelling any numbers.

From version 5.0 this app provides an option of sending direct alarm messages to other iPhone and iPad users. These messages prompts an alert on these devices registered as Assistants and presents a Google Map and the exact location the alarm was activated at. RescueMe Now 5.0 is available for downloads since April 2, 2012.

Rescue me is an iPhone and iPad application designed to run on iOS 5.0 or later. This page provides technical support for its users.

1. Installation
2. Configuration

3. Quick User’s Guide


1./ SMS (text) service MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE on your device. When it is activated, you have the option to enable or disable SMS (text) alert function.

2./ Your location data is being collected, transmitted or otherwise used by this application. YOUR USE OF THIS REAL TIME ROUTE GUIDANCE APPLICATION IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. LOCATION DATA MAY NOT BE ACCURATE. RescueMe is a great tool but don’t rely only on this application when you are in emergency. Location services, email and SMS message handling systems, Twitter and Facebook APIs, web sites etc. depend on 3rd party services.

3./ We do not collect and store personal data. Configuration settings are saved to your device only. We need only your User ID to identify you for Push Notification services.

We are working on the next major version and plan to allow Android users to join ad-hoc Assistant groups. Upgrades are always free. If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us an email.