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Directory of emergency services

On the request of several users we’ve added an editable dictionary to the application. This personalized directory can contain phone numbers and web addresses of emergency services and other important contacts you may need in emergency quickly. It’s presented in the Info window.

Tap the name field to easily identify a record. Set the phone number and web address by tapping the appropriate text field.

You may add any number of records to the directory, or you can remove those you do not need any longer. Use Edit, Add and Delete buttons to edit, add or remove records.

Set info directory
Directory of emergency services since v 3.1+

At the Info window, when you tap the selected line or phone icon, the application dials the phone number. You have to confirm the action.

When tapping the search icon, the RescueMe turns to the built-in Safari and will request the web site immediately. Network connection is required.

Note that these phone numbers and URL addresses will NOT be notified by the generated personal alarm message.

Emergency info tab
Directory of emergency services (Info)
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