RescueMe Now – Enable/Disable options

Enable/disable functions

You have the option to enable or disable sending alarm messages by using different communication channels.

When the SMS (text) option is dimmed, we are not able to send SMS from your device. In this case you cannot switch to ON. When SMS sending is disabled (when it is dimmed or set to OFF), text messages to mobile phones will not be sent. When enabled (set to ON), you have to confirm all SMS-s to be sent by your own iPhone’s SMS user interface. If you can send a standard text/SMS from your phone, RescueMe can also use it. It works only on devices running iOS 4.1 and later operating systems.

Enable SMS, Twitter and Facebook
Enable/Disable options on iPhone

Twitter and Facebook messages will be sent only when this option is enabled AND you have a valid login to these services. You can use RescueMe without Twitter and/or Facebook links. Just switch these services off here.

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