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Sleek Tip Calculator Product Support

Sleek Tip Calculator 3.0 is an iPad and iPhone application. It is available at the iTunes AppStore. Sleek Tip Calculator is designed to be a friendly personal assistant even after a celebration and a few drinks. Programmers wrote it for their own daily usage. It offers much more than a numeric keypad and some math functions. The built-in map helps you navigate after a long day. It also gives you an interface to write an instant review about your latest experiences in the resort, in the hotel or restaurant, and it will share your opinion with millions of readers in seconds. Tip Calculator 3.0 is developed by Oak Tree IT.
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Rescue Me! iPhone Application Support

RescueMe Now is one of the most popular free iPhone applications with more than 25,000 users. Parents, friends and children can live in a little bit more secure environment. If you’re in a tight spot or emergency just press “Rescue Me!” and this application will send your geo location to your Twitter followers, and Facebook friends, and to any email accounts you set, as well as to mobile phones with SMS sending and Push Notification capabilities.

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