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Oak Tree IT services in USA

Oak Tree IT is an application developer and information technology (IT) service provider division of Weston Digital Solutions (WDS). WDS is a management consulting firm specialized in the telecommunications and information technology markets of the Unites States, Canada and South America. Our administrative office is in South Florida.

We are business consultants with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines, including IT project management, product and service management, hardware and software development. Our pros can be found in New York, and between San Francisco and San Jose, and in Florida. In Europe WDS’s EU partner, the Oak Tree Consulting Ltd., provides wide range of business consultancy, IT project management, application development and IT services like information system design, infrastructure and application design, programming, database building, training, and web hosting.

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Business management

Weston Digital Solutions offer consultancy for decision makers, top managers and executives of telecommunications and information technology (IT) businesses. We give trusted and personalized advice to our clients and promise enthusiasm for helping new and existing clients develop their company, and improve market share, sales and financial results. Contact Alex for details.

IT project managers, professionals and software developers are available for home based and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Primary market area is USA, South America, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Business and product support, project management

  • Seeking private equity and venture capital investors for your start-up.
  • Product and service management.
  • Logistic support for your sales activities: localization, export and import processes. Markets: North and South America.
  • Project management in infrastructure development and information services.

Information Technology professional services

Web, mobile and desktop software development

We are sure that our down to earth approach helps us better serve our customers and makes us good competitors in the quickly globalized application development market:

  • IT project management.
  • Application development for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X (macOS) desktop and server platforms.
  • User Experience (UX) design (web and user interface design), programming of the presentation, database and multimedia content and business tiers.
  • Web site building, web programming, web site updates (HTML5, Javascript, WordPress, Java, Microsoft .NET)
  • Application design and development for mobile devices – Apple iOS and Android devices.
  • Programming of industrial interfaces such as WiFi, Bluetooth, serial and Ethernet remote control systems.

AI, Data and information security.

Corporate server and office network maintenance

  • System administrator services in Microsoft or Linux environment.
  • Desktop computer and server repair and maintenance.
  • Database server maintenance and backup data management.

We do offer home electronics, computer and software installation, setup and repair services for residences in South Florida, served by Purple Butterfly™.

Domain name registration, DNS management, Web hosting

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