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Hire or lease European software developers

Hire application designers and programmers

You can hire a senior IT project manager or a software developer, or an entire team of experts for fast paced application development or even for IT support services to run your information system. You don’t have to employ specialists. It is definitely cost effective, time saving and convenient to adopt method of getting things done.

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Domain registration and web hosting reseller program

Our business partner, the OAK TREE IT, has started offering domain registration and web hosting reseller plans that give you everything you need to start your own successful reseller business in information technology, including a pre-built website to register, configure and manage your account, a shopping cart, integrated financial and site traffic reporting and even credit card processing for you and for your customers. You do not have to setup your own technical, marketing, administration and financial units to run this business. The configuration is quick and hassle-free.

Domain name registration, DNS management, web hosting on Linux and Windows IIS servers, dedicated servers, virtual servers, shared servers, mySQL and MSSQL database servers, email servers, secure access, tons of added application layers (PHP, WordPress, .NET, Joomla, Java server, …) and full online management tools and 7/24 customer services are available for you and for your customers. Your clients can run their own WEB API to support tailor-made iPhone, iPad, Android or Microsoft Windows Mobile mobile phone applications. Remote access to SQL servers is also available.

These services are garantied by Go Daddy and supported by our IT gurus. Basic Reseller plan is only $69.99/year!

Oak Tree Reseller Services

Direct access to OakTree Basic Reseller Program

Direct access to OakTree Professional Reseller Program

Compu-tik precision tool

In the early years of XXI. century watch makers are boasting their exceptional skills by presenting us classic mechanical watches with touch of luxuriousness and style. Aside from the sophistication and luxuriousness, they also incorporated in these master pieces unique materials that are rarely used such as Silizium and Platinum. If you are a person who prefer a functional watch with superb legibility, a well maintained watch will be a good choice. Computik helps you take care of your valuable jewells.

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