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Oak Tree IT is an application developer and information technology (IT) service provider division of Weston Digital Solutions (WDS). WDS is a management consulting firm specialized in the telecommunications and information technology markets of the Unites States, Canada and South America. Our administrative office is in South Florida.

We are business consultants with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines, including IT project management, product and service management, hardware and software development. Our pros can be found in New York, and between San Francisco and San Jose, and in Florida. In Europe WDS’s EU partner, the Oak Tree Consulting Ltd., provides wide range of business consultancy, IT project management, application development and IT services like information system design, infrastructure and application design, programming, database building, training, and web hosting.

Oak Tree IT has introduced a new domain registration and web hosting service for not only returning business customers but new individual clients as well.

The original purpose of establishing our own domain registration and web hosting services was to offer our clients all-in-one solutions for their web and mobile phone projects, including building, running and maintaining web sites, and designing, programming and running web API and database tiers behind iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile applications. Since March 2011, in our web and mobile phone application development projects, we can offer free domain name registration and free web hosting for our business partners.

Oak Tree Hosting has been available for individual customers since 2011. Resellers are also welcome.

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