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RescueMe Now – Quick user’s guide

Quick user guide
Activate RescueMe alarm

We need only a very quick user’s guide. After a successful configuration you have almost nothing to do, just tap the RescueMe button on the first screen. Confirm the alarm message. After 45-60 seconds you will get a status report.

We need GPS (location services) and network access to send emails and Push Notifications. You must have a valid login to Twitter or Facebook to post messages when these options are enabled.

A family or two or more friends can build up a closed private group of Assistants not only to send but to receive alerts as well. For example parents can be Assistants for their children, or grandpa or grandma can be listened by their children.

RescueMe Now alert
RescueMe alert on iPhone
Receive alerts as Assistant

When you have been invited to an ad-hoc private group as Assistant, you can receive alerts. All of you must have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 5 and RescueMe Now 5.0 or later.

When activated you will get an alert message and a badge number will be placed on the RescueMe application icon. If you accept the message the app will show you the location of the device that sent the alert. Tap on the X of the top yellow bar or touch the pin to dismiss this alert.

To be able to receive alert messages you must give your unique user ID to the others. They will add your name, User ID, phone number etc. to their own Assistant’s list.

RescueMe alert received
RescueMe alert arrived to iPhone
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RescueMe Now – Enable/Disable options

Enable/disable functions

You have the option to enable or disable sending alarm messages by using different communication channels.

When the SMS (text) option is dimmed, we are not able to send SMS from your device. In this case you cannot switch to ON. When SMS sending is disabled (when it is dimmed or set to OFF), text messages to mobile phones will not be sent. When enabled (set to ON), you have to confirm all SMS-s to be sent by your own iPhone’s SMS user interface. If you can send a standard text/SMS from your phone, RescueMe can also use it. It works only on devices running iOS 4.1 and later operating systems.

Enable SMS, Twitter and Facebook
Enable/Disable options on iPhone

Twitter and Facebook messages will be sent only when this option is enabled AND you have a valid login to these services. You can use RescueMe without Twitter and/or Facebook links. Just switch these services off here.

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RescueMe Now – Custom directory

Directory of emergency services

On the request of several users we’ve added an editable dictionary to the application. This personalized directory can contain phone numbers and web addresses of emergency services and other important contacts you may need in emergency quickly. It’s presented in the Info window.

Tap the name field to easily identify a record. Set the phone number and web address by tapping the appropriate text field.

You may add any number of records to the directory, or you can remove those you do not need any longer. Use Edit, Add and Delete buttons to edit, add or remove records.

Set info directory
Directory of emergency services since v 3.1+

At the Info window, when you tap the selected line or phone icon, the application dials the phone number. You have to confirm the action.

When tapping the search icon, the RescueMe turns to the built-in Safari and will request the web site immediately. Network connection is required.

Note that these phone numbers and URL addresses will NOT be notified by the generated personal alarm message.

Emergency info tab
Directory of emergency services (Info)
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RescueMe Now – List of Assistants

List of Assistants and listeners

Here you can manage the list of Assistants without Twitter or Facebook account. Add, modify or delete a listener.

Tap the name field to identify a data record. Set his or her User ID (if any), and phone number and email address by tapping the appropriate text field. The application will try to send an SMS (text) to this phone number and post an email message to this address.

This RescueMe ID is used to send direct alert message to the Assistant who has an iPhone or iPad and RescueMe Now 5.0+ is downloaded and installed. This ID must be the same he/she entered as his/her own personal RescueMe User ID on that device (ie. that is set in his/her Personal profile group on that device).

The list is flexible. Add any number of assistants you wish. SMS/text and email address fields are optional. Tap Settings (Back) button on the top bar to save changes and go back to previous menu level. Give the system a few seconds to synchronize data.

Set the list of assistants
List of assistants on iPad
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RescueMe Now – Twitter & Facebook

Twitter and Facebook login

You must authorize the application to be able to post updates to your accounts. From iOS 5 you can manage your Twitter accounts in the Settings area of your device. RescueMe uses these accounts to post alert updates to your followers.

Tap on the Twitter accounts line and you can check out the list of active accounts.

Twitter must be enabled in the Configuration group to add your twitter account to the alarm chain and see the list of your twitter account(s).

At Facebook login allow RescueMe to get your profile picture and to post to your wall. After authentication the (blue) Login button changes to Logout (gray). Allow Facebook in the Configuration group to use this account.

Login to Facebook and Twitter
Login to Facebook on iPhone
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