Mac application for Omron blood pressure devices with USB or bluetooth interfaces

Blood pressure monitor data explorer

BP Data Explorer is a data reader, converter and file exporter macOS (OS X) utility application for USB and Bluetooth (BT) connected blood pressure monitors. It’s compatible with Omron BP 791IT, BP 653, 654, 761 and 786. If there is a marketing demand we’ll add other devices to the list.

OS X 10.10 or later operating system, and for bluetooth connections, Bluetooth 4.0+ LTE is required. You can export your device data to Microsoft’s HealthVault and to health care systems.

Program features and screenshots are available at:

User manual is available at:

Download the application from the Apple’s Mac AppStore.


  • Data reading from blood pressure monitors.
  • Two monitors can be atattached at the same time.
  • Assigning profiles to each “A” and “B” user selection switches per devices.
  • Saving device data to your local disk by merging with your existing archive. Previous readings will not be lost. There is no 100 record limit on archive.
  • Exporting device data to external files in CSV, TXT, HTML, PDF or CCR format.
  • Presenting device data in grid and graph.
  • Printing device data and graph.


Operating system OS X 10.10 or later iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro,Mac Mini, Mac Pro
USB interface 2.0+
Bluetooth 4.0+ LTE Check out your computer at Apple menu: ’About this Mac’ -> ‘System Report…’ -> ‘Hardware’ group -> ‘Bluetooth’
Compatible blood pressure devices USB interfaceOMRON 10+ Series, BP 791IT You can buy it from Amazom or from other retailers
Bluetooth interface OMRON BP 653, 654, 761, 786 We recommend OMRON BP 786. You can buy it from Amazom or from other retailers
Request for other type
Data storage on your computer disk YES There is no need to open an account at a service provider. Your personal data and device readings are saved to your computer only.
Exported file formats CSV, TXT, HTML, PDF, CCR
Microsoft HealthVault compatible YES Exported files in .CSV and  .TXT format can be uploaded to your HealtVault account
Health information system compatible YES Exported files in .CSV, .TXT or .CCR format can be likely uploaded to any of your account at your health provider. If you need other formats please let us know.



Bluetooth reader for blood pressure devices
Start a connection. Compatible USB and bluetooth monitors will be identified in 1-2 minutes. Pair your monitor with the application.


BP Data Explorer
You can read data from one or more monitors at the same time. Select a connected device from the left list. Assign user profile to “A” and “B” user selection of the selected monitor. Your personal data will be printed on the reports.


BP Data Exlorer mac application
Blood pressure device data is presented in table format for the selected monitor. Click on ‘Device data’ tab.


BP Data Explorer Mac application
You can check out your device data in the ‘Device data graph’ tab. Print it out or save in pdf format.


BP Data Explorer mac application
Export your device data in file format of CSV, TXT, HTML, PDF or CCR.