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Residential IT services in South Florida

Faraday’s law or Maxwell’s equations are not discussed, but our electronics professionals can install or repair a variety of electrical equipments from home appliances, telecommunications (phone, Internet), computers (laptops, tablets) through Home Theater (TV, sounds) and Home Automation systems. We can even offer web design, application programming and web hosting services for homes of Broward county in Florida, including city of Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Davie, Sunrise and Weston.

Computer, software, Internet and other related services are provided exclusively for the clients of Purple Butterfly home managament and maid services:

  • hardware; computers, tablets, phone, and network installation, setup, repair,
  • operating system setup, repair, update (macOS, Microsoft Windows), virus protection,
  • application development for MS-Windows and macOS (Mac OS X) desktop and server platforms,
  • web site design and programming of the presentation, database and multimedia content and business tiers,
  • application design and programming for mobile devices – Apple iOS and Android phones, tablets,
  • programming of industrial interfaces such as WiFi, Bluetooth, serial and Ethernet remote control systems,
  • installation and configuration of home automation systems. Remote control of your electronic equipments and devices,
  • HD home security camera systems. Remote video surveillance of your home,
Hire or lease European software developers

Hire application designers and programmers

You can hire a senior IT project manager or a software developer, or an entire team of experts for fast paced application development or even for IT support services to run your information system. You don’t have to employ specialists. It is definitely cost effective, time saving and convenient to adopt method of getting things done.

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Sleek Tip Calculator Product Support

Sleek Tip Calculator 3.0 is an iPad and iPhone application. It is available at the iTunes AppStore. Sleek Tip Calculator is designed to be a friendly personal assistant even after a celebration and a few drinks. Programmers wrote it for their own daily usage. It offers much more than a numeric keypad and some math functions. The built-in map helps you navigate after a long day. It also gives you an interface to write an instant review about your latest experiences in the resort, in the hotel or restaurant, and it will share your opinion with millions of readers in seconds. Tip Calculator 3.0 is developed by Oak Tree IT.
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