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Oak Tree IT services in USA

Oak Tree IT is an application developer and information technology (IT) service provider division of Weston Digital Solutions (WDS). WDS is a management consulting firm specialized in the telecommunications and information technology markets of the Unites States, Canada and South America. Our administrative office is in South Florida.

We are business consultants with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines, including IT project management, product and service management, hardware and software development. Our pros can be found in New York, and between San Francisco and San Jose, and in Florida. In Europe WDS’s EU partner, the Oak Tree Consulting Ltd., provides wide range of business consultancy, IT project management, application development and IT services like information system design, infrastructure and application design, programming, database building, training, and web hosting.

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Weston Digital Solutions™ is a business management consulting firm working primarily in South Florida, New York and San Francisco, as well as in South America and Europe. For business consultancy contact Alex for details.

Weston Digital Solutions™ has been an U.S. based Information Technology (IT) service provider for 20 years and counting. Our core business is IT consulting, project management, information system design, information security and tailor-made software development. In these years information technology and multimedia content moved to mobile gadgets and there is a demand for combined media content, database, web and mobile solutions. We are working hard on web, iPad, iPhone, Android… platforms to deliver new solutions to our clients.

Project management is always local. In the U.S. our local experts are selected from a variety of organizational levels and industries. They know how to effectively focus on the most important areas of your company and work with you to accomplish your goals. They are economists and got degrees in MBA. Our tech gurus have MSc. and BSc. in computer sciences. IT pros, designers, software developers are from all over the world. We try to collect the best affordable programmers for your project.

Our average project teams are small: ranging from 2-6 people, so each participant must bring to the table his or her experience and knowledge. There are always more responsibilities waiting when they are ready for them, more ideas to pursue if they have the tenacity to follow through. Their ideas matter, not their title, gender or age.

The culture at Weston Digital Solutions™ is open, informal, intellectual, and fun. Clients are from everywhere, the kitchen is stocked, and the debates are lively.