Become a web hosting reseller

Basic and Professional reseller plans give you everything you need to start your own successful reseller business, including a pre-built website, shopping cart, integrated site traffic reporting and even credit card processing. This service is built on GoDaddy infrastructure.

Domain name registration, DNS management, web hosting on Linux and Windows IIS servers, mySQL and MSSQL database servers, email servers, secure access, tons of added application layers (PHP, WordPress, .NET, Joomla, Java server, …) and full online management tools and 7/24 customer service are available for you and for your customers. You can run your own WEB API on our servers to support tailor-made mobile phone applications. These services are garantied by Go Daddy.

Oaktree Reseller Services

Direct access to OakTree Basic Reseller Program

Direct access to OakTree Professional Reseller Program