Management consulting

Telecommunications and information technology

Advisory consulting services for decision makers, elected officials, top managers and executives of telecommunications and information technology (IT) businesses always require personal connections.

Addressing our clients most complex and interesting opportunities that are imperative to success is a challenging job for us. We give trusted and personalized advice and promise enthusiasm.

Primary market area is Central and Eastern Europe, USA, South America.

Business and product support

Support for European businesses in USA
Business support

European small businesses need a trusted local partner to have realistic chance to enter into the US market:

  • Prepare European services or products to enter into the US market
  • Logistic support for your sales activities: localization, export and import processes, warehouse, distribution. Markets: North and South America
  • Commercial and technical representation in the US market
  • Local back-office for online sales
  • Marketing campaign and sales support

Information Technology professional services

IT project managers, professionals and software developers are available for any size of businesses, icluding home based or small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in USA and Europe.

Web, mobile and desktop software development

windows, macos app programming,weston,florida
Custom software

We are sure that our down to earth approach helps us better serve our customers and makes us good competitors in the quickly globalized application development market:

Network, server and back-office infrastructure

Servers, networkd, computer setup, repair
IT support

We do offer home electronics, computer and software installation, setup and repair services for residences in South Florida, served by Purple Butterfly™.

About project cost estimates and prices read here.